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Lisa Meixner

Terms and conditions for Ceramic Courses by Lisa Meixner

These Terms and Conditions set out the terms under which ceramic courses are sold by me

Lisa Meixner, Ludwigstraße 97, D- 70197 Stuttgart,

through my website to consumers hereinafter “you“.

The presentation of the ceramic courses on my website is not a legally binding offer, but a non-binding online catalogue. It is only an invitation to book ceramic courses.

1. Course bookings

  1. Ceramic courses must be booked via email at
  2. When you enquire about a ceramic course I will send you a link to download the course information.
  3. After reading the course information and these Terms and Conditions you may write to me with your possible travel dates.
  4. I will inform you whether I am able to offer you a course during the requested period and I will answer your questions about the ceramic course and travel to Liguria.
  5. We will agree upon a date for your ceramic course.
  6. If you decide to make a reservation please send me your home address and a mobile phone number so I can prepare the invoice for the course fee.
  7. I will send you an invoice for the course.
  8. The payment of the course fee must be made via bank transfer. Completion of the booking process including full payment constitutes your understanding and acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.
  9. The course is booked upon receipt of payment after which you will receive your booking confirmation.

2. Payment
All payments should be made via bank transfer in full at the time of booking.

3. Cancellation Policy

  1. Bookings can be cancelled at any time in writing, by email.
  2. If you wish to cancel your course booking a full refund will be given if notice to cancel the course is received 14 days or more before the start of the course.
  3. Less than 14 days before the course is due to start, no refund will be given.
  4. There is no refund due to failure to attend a course.
  5. Due to the unique nature of my courses they can only be provided by myself. I therefore reserve the right to cancel a course under extenuating circumstances. Such causes include, but are not limited to: force majeure, epidemic or other natural disaster, governmental action, power failure, flood, storms, earthquakes, illness, severe family emergencies or any other event that is beyond my reasonable control.Participants will be informed immediately and receive a full refund of the course fee. No further claims can be made.
  6. If your arrival to, or your participation in a course is not possible due to extenuating circumstances: force majeure, natural disaster, illness, severe family emergencies or new laws or travel restrictions related to Covid-19 the full course fee will be refunded up to 48 hours before the start of the course.

3. Reservations at the Bed & Breakfast Il Calderone

  1. For the duration of my ceramic courses I recommand staying at the B&B Il Calderone.
  2. The reservation and payment of the guestrooms are separate from the course bookings.
  3. However, I will be happy to translate and forward your reservation request to the owners of the B&B.
  4. When you have made a reservation at the B&B I will send you the booking confirmation and the directions to the B&B.
  5. The payment for the accomodation is separate and must be made at the time of your arrival (Check-in) at the B&B.
  6. Cancellation of the guestrooms is free up to one day before arrival.

4. Health and Savety in the Ceramic Studio

  1. When attending a ceramic course you must be aware of the inherent hazards of a working pottery studio environment. These risks include the use of sharp tools and high temperatures amongst other things.
  1. In the ceramic studio you must observe the information I provide regarding health and safety in the studio environment and my instructions for the correct use of tools and machines.
  2. During the ceramic courses you should wear appropriate clothing including comfortable, flat shoes with non-slip soles and covered toes. Casual clothing is recommended. Please note that your clothing and shoes will get dirty during the course.
  3. Long hair must be tied back for wheel work. Jewellery and watches should not be worn in the studio.
  4. Please note that I am not liable for any damage that occurs to clothing or loss of valuables.
  5. The use of the parking area as well as the walkways, stairs and gardens around the ceramic studio is not part of the ceramic course. You are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from your use of these areas outside the ceramic studio.
  6. Please note that you may bring companions, children or dogs only in exceptional cases to the ceramic courses and according to prior agreement with me.

6. Finishing and shipping of your ceramics

  1. After the ceramic course your pots will be bisque and glaze fired, safely packed and shipped to your home address.
  2. Despite all due care and attention, I cannot assume any warranty for your ceramics during the finishing and firing process.
  3. It is also possible that a piece cannot be fired, if its form could damage other pots or my kiln during the firing.
  4. The finishing and shipping may take up to 8 weeks.
  5. I will pack your ceramics with due care and attention. However loss or damage of parcels cannot be ruled out. I cannot held liable for any such loss or damage during shipping.
  6. Please note, that the shipping included in the course fee is not insured, but for an extra fee I may ship your ceramics with a shipping insurance.

The German law applies. The place of jurisdiction is Stuttgart, Germany.

These Terms and Conditions have been last updated in April 2023