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Lisa Meixner

Feedbacks & Participant’s Ceramic Gallery

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed two courses with Lisa at her beautiful ceramics studio in Montecalvo, Liguria. Lisa is a highly skilled and dedicated ceramicist combining patient and clear instructions with fluent language in English, Italian and German (depending on preferred language of students). In her cosy studio with small groups, there is plenty of time for instruction and personal guidance; and encouragement to also try by yourself. Results are good even for beginners, or students with very rusty skills such as myself. Lisa takes especial care to teach about all the methods and materials, types of clay, slips and glazes and decorative effects. I was very pleased with everything I accomplished in a few days. The views from the studio of the spectacular surroundings are just a bonus.”

Fiona, Great Britain, 5 Day Intensive Course, 2021

I took part in a 9 day course in April 2022. I had a great correspondence with Lisa before booking, to make sure I found the right course for me and she helped me plan my stay at the B&B and gave recommendations for places to see while in the area. Lisa is a great teacher, she has patience and is good at seeing how she can help you with the techniques you find hard. I had done some throwing before, but Lisa helped me improve my skills and taught me the basics of starting the right way every time. A long the way she gave me new tasks when she saw I was improving, and I learned how to throw bigger things and new forms. Because of the small number of students on the course at a time, Lisa has a lot of time to help, show the techniques and answer all your questions. The studio and the location is so beautiful. It overlooks the mountains and is so calm and peaceful. I found my trip so relaxing and wound love to come back some day.

Clara, Denmark – 9 Day Course 2022

Selection of Ceramics from Courses in 2022:

Cordula, Belgium, 5 Day Course, 2022

Sonja, Switzerland, 10 Day Course, 2022

Lena, Germany – 5 Day Course,  2021

Chiara, Switzerland, 3 Day Course, 2022

Nora and Oliver, Switzerland – 5 Day Course, 2019

Fiammetta, Switzerland – 5 Day Course, 2020

Antonella and Viviana, Italy – 3 Day Course, 2020 


Lisa & Manuela, Austria – 5 Day Course, 2020

Sabine, Germany – 5 Day Course, 2021

Carthy, Switzerland – 5 Day Course, 2021

Jonas and Anne, Italy – 5 Day Course, 2020

Nadia, Italy, 5 Day Course, 2020

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